Vijay Holdings, LLC
Vijay Holdings, LLC
Vijay Holdings, LLC is an international multi channel retailer. Our key alliances allow us to provide worldwide shipping, fast turn around times and custom branding opportunities. We also offer business to business and custom commercial application services.
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Company Facts

Company Facts

  • 2 Million World Wide Customers
    Since 2010
    Since inception, Vijay Holdings, LLC has satisfied over 2 Million Worldwide Customers ranging from the most remote world wide locations to hundreds of thousands of North American clients. We have shipping locations in Europe, Germany, Canada, India, Dubai and Ireland along with dozens of ship from locations in the US. Each location stocks our products, Vijay Holdings, LLC owned inventory, not drop shipments.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guranteed
    Backed by Lifetime Return Policy
    Vijay Holdings, LLC offers a no questions asked return policy on every shipment. We are so satisfied in our partnerships and product lines that we will stand by our customers, no matter what.
  • 98% of Orders Ship Same Day
    .01% Back Order Rate
    We have shipping locations in Europe, Germany, Canada, India, Dubai and Ireland along with dozens of ship from locations in the US. Each location stocks our products, Vijay Holdings, LLC owned inventory, not drop shipments.
  • Certified Green
    100% Cloud Based, Less than 100 Sheets of Paper per week.
    Vijay Holdings, LLC is a big believer in the “Green Initiative.”

    We happily offer tours, advice and project assistance to other businesses and non-profit groups. To arrange a tour or conversation, feel free to contact us.

    We did away with boxes and packaging tape, since then 99% of our shipments leave our warehouse inside a recycled poly bag.

    Seeing ink prices rise, we replaced our laser printers with thermal printers, reducing shipping and packing slip print ink costs to zero and increasing productivity by 2X.

    We did away with heavy servers and moved all of our data to a cloud format. By doing this we decreased energy usage by 30%.

    We moved our in house software completely to a cloud solution, removing our need of in house servers to zero.

    Rather than fill dumpsters with old technology, we donated our old technology to a non-profit organization based in Rahway, NJ.

    We replaced all office computers with Energy Star compliant laptops and provided a “work at home” flex schedule for qualified employees, reducing fuel usage, electrical usage and improving overall company morale.

    We removed power hungry PBX technology and switched to a 100% cable free, hosted PBX solution that allows 99.9% uptime and the ability to answer phones from anywhere in the world.
  • Over 75,000 Orders Per Month
    Free Shipping
    Our cluster ship method allows us to pick, pack and ship over 75,000 orders a month and offer free domestic and international shipping.
  • 10+ Years of Experience
    Experts in the business
    Although our business started in 2010, some of our leadership comes from Fortune 500 firms, each individual has tenured at big eTail and brings nothing but the best to our firm. We only work with winners.
  • Happy Employees = Happy Customers
    Perks of Working with us
    Are you a leader in your career category? Do you feel you have what it takes to join our elite team? Are you comfortable with change and constant growth? Looking for an exciting company to work with?

    Vijay Holdings, LLC might be the right fit for you. Here are some of the perks of working at Vijay Holdings, LLC.

    18+ Paid Time Off Days Per Year
    Paid Time Buy Back Program
    Relaxed, Modern Working Environment (croc approved)
    Paid Training
    Competitive Compensation, Bonus and Benefits Programs
    Monthly Company Trips & Events
    Tuition Assistance & In house learning programs
    Free snacks all day long
    Health, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Life Insurance and Wellness Package for all full time staff.
  • Our Story
    We started with $500

    Down on his luck and nearly three months late on his mortgage, Sahil Vijay Patel started Vijay Holdings, LLC in his bedroom. He would work nearly 120 hours a week slaving over code, customer service, shipping and receiving along with sales just to pay basic bills. He started with $500 and would buy and sell what ever he would get his hands on. From his previous career as a eCommerce Business Leader he knew the niche market was his best bet and within months he was ready to move his business out of his bedroom.

    By year 3, Vijay Holdings, LLC had 20+ team members, a 15,000 Square Foot facility and was fulfilling over 60,000 orders a month. Sahil learned early on in his career that customer service is a combination of fast shipping, fair prices and being knowledgeable about the product line. He hired a great team to assist in the growth of the business and the rest is history.

    Want to learn more about the story? Sahil Patel is available for public speaking events and will happily speak at your conference, event or class. Simply Contact Us.
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Contact Us

970 New Brunswick Ave

Rahway, NJ 07065 USA

Phone Number: (732) 218-9317


Our New Jersey Campus incorporates over 45,000 sqare feet between 2 buildings.